Delhi & Mumbai, two hubs of OOH Advertising in India!

Digital revolution has created a landmark in outdoor advertising practices in the country at large due to which contemporary OOH Ads have observed a more glitzy look with a touch of class. Modern OOH tools are also flexible. Hence, advertisers can sit back in their offices and make required changes in their content or even edit/change the graphical designs etc. Time and effort saving, modern OOH advertising tools are effective means to promote a service, product or even an event. In the following paragraphs, let us have a look at some trends of OOH Advertising in Delhi and Mumbai, which are otherwise known as the hubs of Outdoor Advertising in India.

Delhi and Mumbai, these two bustling Indian cities have been commonly known as the two hubs of Outdoor Advertising in India. Outdoor Advertising in Mumbai as well as Outdoor Advertising in Delhi are both almost synonymous with the introduction of this advertising media in the country. The presence of film city in Mumbai is an added benefit for OOH Advertisers in the country thereby providing brand owners exclusive promotion solutions through this media. Delhi, the capital city of India is also a renowned hub for OOH advertising especially with the various business headquarters in the city.

Outdoor Advertising trends have changed over the years. Brand new tools of OOH advertising have replaced conventional ones. Modern Outdoor Ad campaigns are launched through richer and interactive channels.  It’s an age of digital signages, billboards and kiosks. Ordinary billboards and kiosks are out, digitalized tools are in. Delhi and Mumbai are two hubs where brand new OOH tools of advertising are used to promote brands. Digital media rules the roost when it comes to deploying out of home promotion campaigns in these two cities. There are many key players in OOH domain in Delhi as well as in Mumbai. Brand advertising through OOH media has infact become a full-fledged business activity for various outdoor advertisers in Delhi, Mumbai and other Indian cities.

Outdoor Banners Provide the Maximum Advantage of Viewership

Outdoor banners stand huge when it comes to helping publicity campaign of a business establishment or events organized by a social group. Probably, outdoor banners provide the maximum benefit of viewership and publicity with a minimum budget. This is the reason many business units and organizations opt for outdoor banners. In addition, the options are galore—you have the freedom to experiment with your own advertising weapon as you can customize them with the help of digital technology. What are pluses and positives when you choose for the outdoor banners largely for your advertisement campaign?

Stable and Longer Viewership with Outdoor Banners

This is one thing you cannot expect from any other advertising medium. When you choose for the outdoor banners, you have a constant medium for advertising that serve you 24x7. Placing them in a busy corner of the street or any other place where you targeted audience frequent is an astute idea. They are going to serve a greater purpose.


Here, once you opt for outdoor banner advertising campaign, you have the absolute freedom to customize your banners as per your requirement. Digital print technology has progressed to such a level where nothing is left for your imagination. You can have anything and everything. You can design them alter them, include and exclude, mix and match—in short, you can utilize your own creativity in order to fulfill your dreams! Here you have the liberty to select, choose and imply—nothing is going to come on your way!

Easy Availability of Outdoor Banners Material

Vinyl is the word when you want to make outdoor banners because the vinyl outdoor banners allow you to have a long term presence in the outdoors. They do not get damaged easy as they are very sturdy and robust. Moreover, vinyl is the material that is used so widely these days in many utility. Outdoor banners are made mostly with vinyl material and that gives the best result. Also it is very easy to print your graphics and texts on the vinyl material using digital print technology.

Many Options To Place Your Advertisement

You have a number of options here. You can utilize your outdoor banners prudently. Either you can hang them in busy streets or can place them with the help of a banner stand. Or else the banners can be used be mounted on to walls. All these options are available and you can place your ad wherever you want. It is easy to use. Placing them or removing them is not going to give you any trouble.

Inexpensive Advertising With Outdoor Banners

Cost effectiveness is one thing which we need to reiterate because it matters a lot. If you have a tight budget, then it is not apt going for TV ads or some other electronic media advertisements and moreover if you are small scale regional business unit only, then outdoor banners are the best bet. And at the same time, a bigger business unit too can utilize the same as again it is inexpensive. They can have the benefit of outdoor banners anytime.

Ruling Party Encountered Heavy Criticisms Over Charges Against Rights Activists and Oppositions

Ny Chakrya, center, former ADHOC and a National Election Committee member who worked at the organization, sits in a car and is transported back to an Anti-Corruption Unit, ACU, after a short appearance at Phnom Penh Municipal Court, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Saturday, April 30, 2016. Cambodian authorities arrested five human rights workers last Friday on accusations they tried to help cover up a woman's affair with the deputy leader of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party. The action is the latest in a series by Prime Minister Hun Sen's government putting legal pressure on its critics and political opponents. (AP Photo/Heng Sinith)

Human Rights Watch called on Cambodia’s aid donors and the United Nations to “stand together” against the Hun Sen government’s legal “maneuvers.”

The government of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen sustained a barrage of criticism following the imprisonment this week of four human rights workers and a member of the National Election Committee (NEC), in a case widely seen as politically motivated.

Human Rights Watch called on Cambodia’s aid donors and the United Nations to “stand together” against the Hun Sen government’s legal “maneuvers,” which it said were intended to “intimidate and clamp down on Cambodia’s courageous human rights advocates.”

“No one should mistake these prosecutions for anything other than Prime Minister Hun Sen’s effort to undo decades of work by Cambodian groups and the UN,” Brad Adams, Asia director for Human Rights Watch, said in a statement on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court detained ahead of trial four staff members - Nay Vanda, Ny Sokha, Yi Soksan, and Lim Mony - of the respected local rights group Adhoc, as well as Ny Chakrya, deputy secretary-general of the NEC.

UN human rights monitor Soen Sally was also charged in absentia, but is currently under the protection of the UN in Cambodia.

All six were accused of bribery by government investigators who are spearheading an unprecedented probe into an alleged extra-marital affair involving Kem Sokha, the deputy leader of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP). The probe was launched following the release of Kem Sokha’s private phone conversations, which were apparently electronically tapped.

UN spokesman in New York Farhan Haq told VOA Khmer this week that the charges against Soen Sally of the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights office, has been raised with the government.

“We have informed the Government that Mr. Soen Sally is a UN official and that the issue concerns the performance of his official functions for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Cambodia.”

“The Government was informed that, accordingly, Mr. Soen Sally was immune from legal process in respect of this matter,” he said.

Some observers see comparisons between Kem Sokha’s case and that of former royalist party leader Prince Norodom Ranariddh, who was one of the first people ever charged in 2007 under an adultery law, newly-introduced at the time by the government. The case against Ranariddh also was seen by observers of Cambodian politics as politically motivated.

The investigation of Prince Ranariddh’s relationship with his long-term partner Ouk Phalla, and to whom he is now married, added to the Prince’s legal woes, which forced him to leave the country, and came just ahead of nationwide commune elections in 2007.

Opposition party members and political observers believe the latest round of legal action against the political opposition and government critics is part of a wider effort to silence dissent ahead of commune elections in 2017 and national elections in 2018.

Having maintained an iron grip on power for more than 30 years, Hun Sen’s ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) suffered its greatest electoral defeat at the last national election in 2013, dropping its share of seats in parliament from 90 to 68. The CNRP, led by Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha, won 26 additional seats to give them a sizeable minority presence of 55 seats to the CPP’s 68.

In recent months, however, legal cases brought by the government have seen Sam Rainsy choose self-imposed exile to avoid arrest, and the arrest and jailing of several members of his party in Cambodia.

In a rare public demonstration of support, members of the Phnom Penh diplomatic corps posted photographs on social media standing alongside leaders of the country’s embattled civil society organizations.

Hun Sen has defended his government’s actions, and warned the international community to stay out of Cambodia’s affairs.

“Foreigners, please do not interfere into Cambodia’s internal affairs,” Hun Sen said in a May speech, during which he also warned critics that there are limits to freedom of expression.

“Cambodia does not interfere in other countries’ internal affairs… please respect the independence, integrity, and sovereignty of Cambodia, don’t disturb at all,” he said.

And for domestic critics, he had this: “Boundaries and freedom you share with others. You violate, and you are responsible before the law. We will take action without any delay to defend the credibility and the dignity of our Cambodian People’s Party and the Royal Government.”

Yong Kim Eng, president of the People’s Center for Development and Peace in Phnom Penh, told listeners of the Hello VOA radio call-in program on Thursday that there would be costs involved for the government – and investment – due to the atmosphere of fear and restrictions on freedom of expression.