Custom Banners Allow Great Flexibility in Promoting Your Products

Custom Banners are considered as one of the best effective methods to communicate with the potential customers. What favors it most is its inexpensiveness. Because of this beneficial feature of the banners, even a small scale business owner can find a place in the marketing world successfully. Another good thing about the banners is that they are customizable. Because of this feature, an advertiser can have a lot of freedom in his creativity. Whatever needed to be included and promoted in your advertisement is your decision and can be easily designed and customized when you choose for custom banners as your marketing tool.

Customize Your Banner For Printing

It is easy to customize your banners as banner printing allows a lot of flexibility. It is pretty sure that you have endless ideas and plans when you go for advertising your product. An ad agency may give you a professional looking ad; however, it would be more rewarding when you take the complete charge of your own project. And it is possible only if you have the flexibility in ad making. Here, the custom banners come to your rescue. It is just you design and develop your ad copy and hand it over to a banner maker, you get the final product which is the one you exactly wanted for your advertising campaign, is not that encouraging enough for you? Here, you have the freedom of selecting not only the designs but the size and styles too. So considering custom banner printing for your advertising campaign will let you to have quick results.

The Inexpensiveness Of Custom Banners

Custom banners not only permits you great freedom in creativity but it also let you to manage your budget too. If you are with a limited budget, you know how hard it is to spend massively on promotional activities. You are already aware that the limitedness of your fund and how much would you able to allot it for promotion of your product. In this case, you want to go for a low-cost means to promote your business and here custom banners help you genuinely as they are very easy on the pocket.

Easy Promotion Of Your Product Anywhere You Want

This is one another great plus point when you choose for Lowest price custom banners for your promotional campaign. You can use them easily anywhere you want. Certainly, you know which areas are going to be strategic helpful for you. You can get these custom banners ready and can be placed in the crowded places. You have the options of hanging your banners and can be placed safely with the help of banner stands. Also they ensure a great deal of durability which let your advertisement to stay in the outdoor for a long period of time.

These are some of the remarkable benefits when you pick out custom banners for promoting your product. They give the best result in terms of utility, flexibility, durability, inexpensiveness, and attractiveness.


The purpose of market research is to gather and analyze information on a market in order to develop market intelligence. With market intelligence, you would be able to determine market opportunities to pursue them.

To learn about the real estate market, you need to read property magazines like “Property Edge” and property classifieds. Also follow the news because events in the polity and and the economy significantly influence the real estate market. Local estate surveyors are invaluable because they know a lot about the properties in an area: when it was sold, price it was sold for, who bought, etc. in Nigeria we are very data in real estate. When someone buys a property for 100 million, (s) he will quote 10 million as the purchase price to reduce the tax payable on that transaction.

What to look for

Price and rent

Get familiar with property price and rents, the types of properties on sale, and locations and also accessibility and facilities that are around these factors affecting pricing and rent.

Identify price and rent patterns: see which areas have similar property prices and rents. Also trace price rental value growth over time and the differentials in growth rate. For example, if you are researching the Lagos market, you would want to know the level of growth rates you get on the Mainland compared to what obtains on the Island, there are sub areas achieves higher returns. Even within the Maniland or Island to see which would exhibit different growth rates. There is a class of properties called ‘national properties’: These properties have superior characteristics different from the characteristics of other properties in their immediate environment. An example is the malls. Ikeja City mall which my firm and ‘Broll’ are now letting command rents similar to what we have at the Palms.

The increase in property values over time, which is reflected in increase in price, is called capital growth. In Nigeria, property price usually grows faster than rent, and investor consider capital growth over rent because most times the rent does not justify the property price. However sometimes you get lucky, and capital growth.

Note that there is usually a difference between the advertised price of a property and the price that it can be negotiated down to. Also note that there is a difference between open market values tells you the price you must not go above. If you go above that you are only buying a property without any compulsion, where both the buyer and the seller have an understanding of market. Forced sale value is the price someone under pressure from an obligation, or immediate need for liquidity would sell for.


Financing helps you buy a property that you ordinarily may not have been able to afford if you were to only use your saving; and help you leverage your funds. I.e. with only N300, 000. You can make an investment of N1, 000,000. You would want to know what forms of financing are available and what the requirement are. As per requirements, you should research equity contribution, maximum loan available, loan tenor, repayment options, fess, affordability, etc., and where you can get the best loan available. For example, if you buy into properties that are funded by Federal Mortgage Banks, you would get an interest rate as low as 6% on a term of up to 10 – 15years depending on your age.

Marketing segments

The real estate market has different segments. The obvious ones are the commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential segments. And these segments are interwoven. For example, the happening in the industrial segment can be used to predict what will happen in the residential sector. Workers in new factories will needs residential apartment and recreational facilities, event halls for parties, and more petrol stations.

The current trend in the commercial sector is towards malls and plazas. And opens up opportunities in entertainment, because people coming to the mall would also want go to the cinema.

Government activities and development

Government activities in area significantly affect of prices and rents.

The free trade zone and proposed airport in the Lekki-Ajah axis is bringing so many developments to the area. And along Abuja airport road, many developers are buying land along the road in order to take position before the completion of the road expansion.

The way to get the most value in real estate is to have the first movers’ advantage: move in before many people see the value and prices begin to reflect the new value. Slow movers will only benefit from the remnants.

You would want to know government attitude towards real estate. If the government of a state is interested in real estate, it would build infrastructure to open up areas and also develop its own estates.

The Lagos-Badagry express is a very good example.

Unique Development

In built areas land supply is fixed while demand keeps rising. This reality throws up exceptional opportunities because these properties create a kind monopoly.

Consider the 1004 estate in Victoria Island. You cannot have another 1004 estate in Victoria Island because VI is fully built up. A similar development is Tejuosho market in yaba; the only way to create another Tejuosho is to demolish houses.

These unique properties fall into a class of their own. And you want to know about such properties with increasing demand and fixed supply.

The national and global Economy

Real estate market is part of the larger market and it is affected by the national and global economy. Market activities and capital growth are affected by GDP, liquidity, interest rate, etc.

When the economy is improving; GDP is rising, inflation is put in check, and the industrial capacity is increasing etc, there would definitely be demand for industrial properties.

The continuing liquidity squeeze in the banking industry which makes banks unable to give out loan has reduced the market size to only those who have cash and do not need loans. Now the market is what you call “the buyer’s market’ where the buyer dictates the price.

Trends in the international market should also be watched because our market has a way of mimicking what happens outside. An example is the development of malls.

Real estate market norms

You would need to learn real estate market norms and language. Get familiars with the language of the business, and the way properties are described. Also learn about transaction processes, transaction cost, price negotiation, rent payments, etc.

Each market has its peculiarities. In Nigeria rents are usually paid in up to 2 or 3 years advance, but in South Africa, rents are paid weekly; letting and agency fee in Nigeria is 10%; when letting, it is landlord who prepares the legal agreement, but in sales it’s the buyer’s lawyer who prepare the legal agreement and other sales documents.

Dad Leaves Daughters $27 million inheritance

A very wealthy New York landlord has left $27 million dollars for his two daughters IF they follow his 'bucket list'.

Real estate millionaire Maurice Laboz who died earlier this year at 77 has left his two daughters, Marlena, 21 & Victoria 17, $13 million dollars each if they follow the below rules..

1. Marlena will get $687,000 for getting married as long as her husband signs a a sworn statement promising to keep his hands off the cash.

2. If Marlena graduates from an accredited university, she will receive $1 million dollars.. however only after she writes 100 words or less describing what she intends to do with it.

3. The girls are guaranteed an annual payout of three times the income listed on their personal federal tax return.

4. If the daughters have kids and don't work outside the house they will give them each 3 percent of the value of their trust every January 1. However the money will only flow if the 'child is born in wedlock.'

5. The girls could also earn the same amount for being a 'caregiver' to their mother, Ewa Laboz, 58. Ewa was in the middle of divorcing with Maurice at the time and received nothing in the will.

Estate lawyer Jeffrey Barr says 'It's a way to control things from the grave ... You don't see a lot of it, but it happens. People do it because they think it's good for the children."

Maurice Laboz signed the will in April of 2014, just nine months before he died, leaving behind a $50 million dollar fortune.