Using a Buyer's Agent Saves Buyers Time and Money

There are many advantages to using a Buyers agent.

One of the most important is that the Buyer Agent is working to promote the best interests of their buyer client. They are help negotiate the best terms and conditions for the buyer. The agent who is listing a property is working for the Seller. They work to get the best terms and conditions for their seller. Although all agents must be honest and ethical at all times, why not work with an agent who is on your side?

There are no reasons!!

In addition to negotiating, your buyer agent will help locate properties, & can preview properties to save you time. Imagine how nice it would be to see homes on your schedule instead of relying on Sunday open houses for viewing. The buyer agent, after helping you determine which properties are approprite will set up appointments for viewing and accompany you. A good Buyer Agent will know what to look for in a property. They know what will pose a red flag when it comes time for an appraisal. It is wise to know what to expect before the unexpected happens.

 The Buyer Agent can also do a Comparative Market Analysis to determine the value of the home you're interested in. This can save you money!! Instead of agreeing with the listing agent's price, it is best to be armed with knowledge of what other homes that are similar in the area are selling for. They can also verify the the data such as tax information on the listing sheet is accuarate.

The Buyer Agent can help you find a reliable home inspector, and will accompany you to the inspection to see if there are any structural problems that have to be dealt with.

Your Buyer Agent will explain the legal documents and paperwork that will be involved. They work closely with the attorney to be sure the transaction is kept smooth.

One of the most important aspects of your relationship with your Buyer Agent is CONFIDENTIALITY, and undivided loyalty.

This is likely one of the largest purchases of your life. There is no reason not to have a Buyer's Agent working for you to prevent problems, or deal with issues that do crop up.

No News Good News

Waiting is so hard!!! With so many foreclosures on the market, and the values being so good, it's a smart move for buyers to consider them. Although some have problems such as destruction caused by angry people losing their home, or everything taken out including the kitchen sink (I'm not kidding!), many are in fine shape.

 I have placed an offer for a client on a bank owned property a little over a week ago. We are still waiting for the verdict. My client did not have the only offer. Nerves of steel are sometimes a requirement when working with bank owned properties.

It will be well worth the patience if things go their way, but the waiting is so hard!! There are phenomenal deals out there so the wait can be worth the agony.

 Some banks will respond to offers quicker than others. It is important to work with a Buyers Agent who is experienced in foreclosures. There are issues that could cause problems when it comes time for the appraisal. An experienced Buyers Agent will be able to alert you to the potential problems. For example, a cooking unit is required when financing with an FHA Mortgage. If there is no range, plans will have to be made ahead of time.

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Payday Was the Quickest and the Best Solution

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Seaside with Payday Title Loan

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Vinyl Lettering to Embellish Your Personal Spaces and Much Loved Spaces

Vinyl lettering is the cutest option for personal decorations such as wall lettering. Besides, it has a wider range of utility. Probably its delightful appearance and easy to use features make it so endearing to the users. You find them in a number of places and it never fails to grab the eyes for sure. It is marveling to see this letters and numbers are easily stuck on the surfaces and give such a perfect ambiance to personal spaces. You might see them quite often in clandestine places, mostly carrying some meaningful thoughts and sometimes as funny and cheerful messages. The most notable quality of vinyl lettering is that it makes it presence felt with its gorgeous look.

What makes vinyl letters all the more useful is that they can be easily applied to any material such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, and on any other flat surfaces. And furthermore, you can design them and create as custom vinyl lettering and vinyl numbering. All you need to have is resourcefulness, if you have it, you are right there! If you are pondering over enhancing your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom, you don’t need to rummage around anymore, get out there and find out the vinyl lettering, you will never be regretted. The choices and availability is galore, find out the finest and stick on your rooms with an aesthetic sense, nothing can better than that.

What’s more? Can you believe that it takes only a little out of your pocket? Yes, it is, it never let you overspend. Why do you want splurge unnecessarily on home decoration when you have cheapest means to embellish it? It is all about your imaginative sagacity and wise options, the expensiveness or cheapness of the articles you used for the home decoration really doesn’t matter. Well, other than you personal rooms, which other places will be the most appropriate places for vinyl lettering? It is certainly the most charming option. If it so, what about your vehicle windows? They are one more place that tempts you to be decorated beautifully. Here too, the vinyl lettering can be the best possible option. The shades you use, the images you use, the size of the images you use, everything really matters here. Here, the cuteness factor decides the most and vinyl lettering is going to be your best bet. You can always enhance your value of the images with vinyl lettering.

Vinyl letters and numbers are quite often used in private articles like laptops, mobiles, bedroom windows, books, watches, pens, etc. if you want to give some letters or numbers on them, the vinyl make it to look just right. Also they are so convenient that they are pre-spaced and pre aligned. It has a self adhesive back which makes it all the more expedient. One another place is your mirror. If you want to say something to yourself everyday and make you feel good, why don’t you get some vinyl letters to make it a reality. It certainly would spirit you up as well as give your room a bright look. In short, all of us have to admit that, vinyl letters are a great choice to embellish your much loved spaces!

Studio Apartments – live with style, luxury and comfort

Studio apartments in India have received an enormous response from varied class of professionals looking for an affordable accommodation. A studio apartment is a small apartment which consisting living area, kitchen and bedroom into a single room. It is also known as studio flat or efficiency apartment. Studios must be arranged for sleeping, eating and dining areas; only the bathroom will be separate in it. These apartments are usually built in 300 to 550 square feet area and it has lower rents.
Why Studio Apartment Are Becoming famous now a days?

The concept has become so much popular these days in India. Such an apartment comprises of one Bed room, Pantry, toilet and living area in one large room. Today, the Indian real estate builders are focusing more on studio apartment along with other residential apartments and villas. The main concern behind building the studio apartment is the ongoing investment pattern of Indian market. Earlier people used to invest in gold primarily and property was the second option. But as the investment pattern is changing so is the living standard of Indians. Now a days everyone wants at least a comfortable home to live in at an affordable price.

How Studio Apartments attract visitors/travelers?

For the investors, studio apartment is the best option. In India, studio apartments are available at a lower price in comparison to the starred hotel tariffs. So, they are preferred for residential purpose by the corporate travelers, Emigrants and NRIs

Studio apartments generate an excellent amount of income to the owner in the form of rent, as it is a preferred residence of foreign travelers, bachelors and NRIs. As the population in metros is increasing day by day, it has boosted the residential real estate sector. Most of the people are employed in MNCs at good salaries, are willing to have an affordable accommodation at a location nearby their workplace. In such cases, studio apartments are providing a smart and sustainable housing solution with low maintenance charges. Studio apartments are ideal for nuclear families and singlehood’s as it is an affordable habitation for living in metros for 2-3 years. Not only in metros but at tourist places too, the demand for studio apartments is at hype, especially at places where travel is associated with spirituality.


Collapse of building especially in the developing countries has been a great concern to Governments, Professional Bodies, Built Environment, Individuals and so on.

Collapse of buildings is not so rampant or common in developed countries but it is so astronomical in developing countries that it is said if building construction is started in a developing country and does not collapse, it may be due to the act of God

The consequences of building collapse are too enormous for the Society to bear. One of the consequences is the economic and capital loss as the huge amount invested on the structure is wasted

Another consequence of building collapse is the damage to the environment as the poisonous combination of gases will pollute the environment. Yet another disaster of building collapse is the injuries caused to the construction workers, which may lead to permanent injury and sometimes to deaths.

What is the way out of minimizing or avoiding building collapse? Below are the steps to take to avoid or reduce building collapse


Land surveying is an important part of the design and construction of building. Land surveying is done by land surveyors. Land surveyors provide adequate and vital information on the plot/ parcels/areas of land for the purpose of land acquisition, development and documentation purposes.


Soil is the substance on the surface of the earth in which plants grow. One of the uses of soil is for building purposes and this is where the building structure stands from one room apartment, mini flat to the highest skyscrapers

Engage a Geotechnical Engineer to carry out comprehensive soil tests to determine the quality and strength of the soil.


Building plan is the pictorial picture of your proposed building on paper. It shows all the hidden details of the building including the dimensions of space

Engage the service of a qualified Architect to design the proposed building. The basic function of an Architect is to manage the space. The Architect works closely with the client in making preliminary drawing and design the building project. He heads the design team and co-ordinates the work of the other consultants.


The structural Engineer is concerned with the structural stability of the building. He provides details and specifications on material, size and weight for building structural elements. The structural Engineer also ensures that the building satisfies statutory requirements.

Due to economic reasons and other related factors, many builders do not engage the services of a qualified Structural Engineer and this singular factor contributes to the majority of the building collapse.


In order to avoid building collapse there is need to engage the service of other building and construction professional like the Building Service Engineers, The Planners, Accountants, Lawyers and Financiers among others


Before you commence the construction of the proposed building, secure approved plans together with all structural details from all relevant regulatory authorities


Produce and provide good construction materials like cement, steel, stones, blocks and so on with the approval of the Structural Engineer


Engage the services of registered builders. The registered builder will manage and supervise the actual stages of the building and he ensures that each stage is constructed according to the approval building plan.

The list of the Registered Builder could be obtained from the Register of Council of Builders of Nigeria.


One of the major factors that contribute to the collapse of the building is the content of the concrete mix. Some unqualified builders cut corners on this by not applying the relevant materials mixing ratios. Ensure that the ratio of the concrete mix is approved by the Structural Engineer.


Ensure that the electrical and mechanical systems are designed by the building service Engineers in accordance with the approved Building Plan and in conjunction with the Structural Engineers.


Ensure that the design and the construction team supervise the project up to the roof level.


In conclusion, one may ask the question why a fifty – hundred (50 – 100) storey building do not collapse, yet a ten storey building collapse during and after construction.? The answer is that the builders of the collapse buildings do not follow to the letters the steps listed above-hence the collapse of the structures. Do not economize, engage the services of various building professionals to avoid building collapse so as to save costs and also human lives.













Steps To Take To Limit Frauds In Real Estate Business

According to Wikipedia, the Online Internet Dictionary, fraud is defined” As deception deliberately practiced to secure unfair or unlawful gain.” In legal term, fraud can be either civil or criminal.

Fraud can also be explained “As when trickery is used to gain dishonest advantage which is often financial over another person”.

The main words that are used to describe fraud are scam, con, swindle, extortion, sham, double cross, hoax, cheat, trick and so on.

As fraud is not limited to Real Estate Business alone but cuts across all spheres of businesses, it is the duty of Real estate practitioners to be careful when dealing with the clients.

Below are the steps to take to limit scam or fraud in Real Estate Business:

Before you conclude or seal a contract on a property, do your own independent investigation or search on the property. This could be done within the environment, with the neigbours and also with those who had bought properties within the areas. Find out the history or origin of the property owners and what the reasons for the change of ownership are if the property is on the secondary market.

Embark on a thorough evaluation of the property you want to purchase. For example, if you realize that the property costs 100 million or more, but the vendors want you to pay between 70 and 80 millions, it is in your best interest to engage independent estate surveyors to value the property for you before you part with your money. You may also do search on similar properties within the area to have an idea about the range of prices.

Documentation is important in Real Estate. It is advisable that you do a thorough and comprehensive search on the documents with relevant authorities on the property. If you do this right, this step will reveal to you the extent of frauds in the property you intent to buy.

Taking of possession of the land or the property is another vital step in limiting fraud in Real Estate. In the process of taking possession of the property this will reveal several problems about the property and the actions to take.

Time delay is another important tool one can use to detect fraud or scam in Real Estate. For instance, if a property is bought and you deliberately delay construction or development of the property, the problems associated with the property will surface by the time you embark on its development as the original owners may attempt to take possession simultaneously.

Involvement of various professionals in the purchase and development of the property from the initial stage to the roof stage  will reduce fraud to the barest minimum.

The various professionals like the Estate Agents, Estate Surveyors, Lawyers,  Architects and others with their experiences will detect any fraud or scam in the property in the course of their assignments.

The usage of Bank facilities for transactions on the land or property will also reduce fraud to barest minimum. This is possible if you use cheque for the transactions, this will be documented for future references if need be.

In conclusion; the statement “Buyers Be Aware” that is applicable to all business transactions is equally applicable to Real Estate Business. Therefore take extra precautions when dealing with property matters.

What Causes Or Helps Frauds To Flourish In Real Estate Business

Fraud can be defined as “Wrongful or Criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain” Fraud is also a type of criminal action `explained  “As abuse of position or false representation or prejudicing someone’s right for personal gain”.

Fraud can be committed by individual or business. Frauds are not limited to Real Estate Business alone but also cut across all strata of businesses. Fraud is common in the buying and selling of property including Real Estate.

It is the duty of an intending property buyer to be careful in order to avoid being swindled.

Below are what causes or helps frauds to flourish in Real Estate Business.

Greed is one of the causes that helps fraud to flourish. If you do not control your greediness, you are likely to lose money in such transactions. If a property is N20 million in a particular area and you are offered N10 million, if you accept this offer without diligent search, this may lead to capital loss. LOADING OR TOPPING
Loading or topping of prices on properties is another factor that helps fraud to flourish in real estate. If for instance, the landlord instructs an Agent to sell property say for N10 million if the agent adds about N5 million to this, making a total  of N15 million, the action of the Agent has in a way contributed to fraud as the buyer is not aware that the price has been loaded with N5 million.

If a practitioner in Real Estate Business does not possess adequate training in Real Estate Business, he is likely to make mistakes in finance and investment, this may contribute to fraud. This particular fraud happens among Co-operative Societies or half baked Agents who did not have formal training in Real Estate business but engages and practice  it.


Negligence on the part of Real Estate Practitioner may also contribute to the fraud in Real Estate Business. Negligence can occur in many forms like backdating of receipts, forging of documents and non filling of appropriate documents with relevant authorities. The act of negligence may be done intentionally or otherwise, whatever way it is done, it is likely to contribute to fraud in Real Estate Business.


Impersonation is another factor that contributes to fraud in Real Estate Business. This usually occurs when a group of persons present themselves as Executives, Principal members of the family or letting agents and execute the contract illegally. Another way that impersonation may occur is to interchange the photographs and signatories in the original documents and affix them into the fake document for the purpose of carrying out the illegal transactions.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN REAL ESTATE BUSINESS – Become a Millionaire by engaging in Real Estate Business

My name is Olabisi Ojomo and a Real Estate Practitioner . A family and community land Coordinator of over two decades where I learnt the secrets of Real Estate Business (Properties and land matters). I am at present the MD/CEO of Josilab Properties and Investment Company, Lagos State.

Have you ever wondered why many people succeeded and seized the opportunities available to them, hence made millions in a particular trade while many struggle to survive or continue to live their life in poverty?”
The basic reasons are access to basic information and taking relevant actions on the information at the appropriate time. The above reasons also apply to the Real Estate Business as many do not realize the opportunities available in Real Estate Business.

Real Estate is explained   as “ Property in form of land, building and houses rather than possessions like cars. clothes and other tangible items .”
If you search the portfolio of any rich man, Real Estate must be one of them. Real Estate is next to food. This explains why every young or old strive to have a shelter no matter how small over his or her head and this will continue till eternity.
Many have the impression that it is the rich and wealthy men and women that invest in Real Estate Business. This is far from the truth. This is why peasant traders (men and women) put up at least six rooms bungalow while top company executives were unable to do so. Unlike the general believe you do not need huge capital to make money in Real Estate business – what you need is relevant information, practical and useful knowledge and burning desire to take actions.

If you do not know, there are 17 million house defects in Nigeria, and it will need about 60 Billion Naira to address this problem. The question you should ask your self is how do you position yourself to share in this Real Estate business especially housing which will continue to attract investment?

    Do you know you can invest one million in a choice place and within a year the land could be appreciated to 3 millions?
    Do you know if you cannot afford to make an outright purchase of a plot of land/houses you can take an investment plan, make an initial deposit, and make monthly installment payment?
    Do you know that before you finish your monthly payment, the property is appreciating hence your capital gains?
    Do you know smart and wise investors make money when they invest in assets as the assets will continue to appreciate while they go to sleep?
    Do you know there is a level playing ground in Real Estate as you can decide to be a high or low-level investor?

In Real Estate Investment, slow and steady accomplished the goals of making money in real estate. It is uncommon for you to have experienced or come across person that bought parcel/parcels of land or houses at a very cheap price, built on it or held it for several years without realizing that the cost of the land or the house are appreciating in value. It is when he decides to sell the parcel of land or the property that he realizes that the little investment of yester years has appreciated into a bumper harvest.

If you are ready to seize the opportunity in real estate business, this manual is a best buy for you.
In the manual;
You will discover the advantages of engaging in Real Estate Business over other businesses.
The disadvantages of engaging in Real Estate business. Just like in other business. Care must be taken when dealing in Real Estate business.
With this, you will be able to know which type of Real Estate business to invest on and which to avoid.

•    Classification of Real Estate professionals and how to relate with them.
•    Discover different ways of making money in Real Estate business.
•    Ten (10) ways that can be used to promote the Real Estate business for maximum gain.
•    Find out the affiliate marketing opportunities in Real Estate business.
•    Marketing strategies that will promote affiliate marketing programmes.
•    Discover the different types of Real Estate Investment you can invest on and make huge profit
•    Know the reasons for documentation in Real Estate Business.
•    Discover types of documents in Real Estate business and their uses.
•    Types of frauds in Real Estate business.
•    Causes of frauds in Real Estate Business.
•    Steps to take to limit frauds in Real Estate Business.
•    How to put a team of professionals together to make you succeed.
•    How to make money in Real Estate Business starting with nothing.
•    How to engage in Real Estate Business part time or full time.

•    The manual will reveal to you how to deal and relate with various professionals within the Real Estate Business.

•    The manual will reveal to you how to avoid and deal with various risks in Real Estate Business.
The bonus that is included in the manual are:
    Factors that will make you succeed and to make money in Real Estate Business.
    Since marketing is important and relevant to Real Estate Business, the means by which Real Estate market could be done is listed in the manual.
    Real Estate is basically networking, means and the how of Real Estate marketing is listed in the manual.
    Places where to find genuine Real Estate deals are listed in the manual.

Before you rush to the Bank to pay for the manual, I want you to put your mind at rest as I am taking the entire risk on my head. The manual comes with no question, queries and you have ninety days to go through the manual and if you genuinely believe that the manual does not worth the amount nor satisfies you, you are free to request for your money and will be handed over to you with thanks from me.
The only reason I give this solid money back guarantee is that I am sure you will not ask for refund as the manual will contribute to your up liftment in life and let you become wealthy within reasonable time in Real Estate business.
My dear reader, I want to remind you once again that you do not need a huge capital to make money in real estate business. The acquisition and application of relevant knowledge is the key to any business and this also applicable to Real Estate Business.
You may be wondering what will be the prize of the manual.
It is my intension to make it available to as many people as possible. Therefore, the prize of the manual has been heavily reduced for the reason stated above. It will not be sold at N15,000.00, N10,000.00, N7,000.00 and not even N5,000.00. N2,500.00 seems to be avoidable enough considering the contents of this life changing manual. If I were you, I will rush to the Bank to make the N2,500.00 (Introductory prize) to the Bank as the amount may go up soonest.

The Bank details are
Name of Bank:        Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
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Account Name:        Josilab Nigeria Limited

Please note the manual is limited in supply and you will receive it on first come, first serve basis. After they have been exhausted there won’t be any more available.
After payment, send the payment particulars through your phone to:  080 9582 8398.

i)    Your Full Name
ii)    Your E-mail
iii)    Your location
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v)    Name of Bank/Bank Branch
vi)    Date of payment

After confirmation of the payment, the e-book will be sent to you within 48hours via your e-mail. Please note that e book comes down in downloadable format. After your order has been received and confirmed, a link will be sent to your e-mail by which you can download the manual.

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