HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN REAL ESTATE BUSINESS – Become a Millionaire by engaging in Real Estate Business

My name is Olabisi Ojomo and a Real Estate Practitioner . A family and community land Coordinator of over two decades where I learnt the secrets of Real Estate Business (Properties and land matters). I am at present the MD/CEO of Josilab Properties and Investment Company, Lagos State.

Have you ever wondered why many people succeeded and seized the opportunities available to them, hence made millions in a particular trade while many struggle to survive or continue to live their life in poverty?”
The basic reasons are access to basic information and taking relevant actions on the information at the appropriate time. The above reasons also apply to the Real Estate Business as many do not realize the opportunities available in Real Estate Business.

Real Estate is explained   as “ Property in form of land, building and houses rather than possessions like cars. clothes and other tangible items .”
If you search the portfolio of any rich man, Real Estate must be one of them. Real Estate is next to food. This explains why every young or old strive to have a shelter no matter how small over his or her head and this will continue till eternity.
Many have the impression that it is the rich and wealthy men and women that invest in Real Estate Business. This is far from the truth. This is why peasant traders (men and women) put up at least six rooms bungalow while top company executives were unable to do so. Unlike the general believe you do not need huge capital to make money in Real Estate business – what you need is relevant information, practical and useful knowledge and burning desire to take actions.

If you do not know, there are 17 million house defects in Nigeria, and it will need about 60 Billion Naira to address this problem. The question you should ask your self is how do you position yourself to share in this Real Estate business especially housing which will continue to attract investment?

    Do you know you can invest one million in a choice place and within a year the land could be appreciated to 3 millions?
    Do you know if you cannot afford to make an outright purchase of a plot of land/houses you can take an investment plan, make an initial deposit, and make monthly installment payment?
    Do you know that before you finish your monthly payment, the property is appreciating hence your capital gains?
    Do you know smart and wise investors make money when they invest in assets as the assets will continue to appreciate while they go to sleep?
    Do you know there is a level playing ground in Real Estate as you can decide to be a high or low-level investor?

In Real Estate Investment, slow and steady accomplished the goals of making money in real estate. It is uncommon for you to have experienced or come across person that bought parcel/parcels of land or houses at a very cheap price, built on it or held it for several years without realizing that the cost of the land or the house are appreciating in value. It is when he decides to sell the parcel of land or the property that he realizes that the little investment of yester years has appreciated into a bumper harvest.

If you are ready to seize the opportunity in real estate business, this manual is a best buy for you.
In the manual;
You will discover the advantages of engaging in Real Estate Business over other businesses.
The disadvantages of engaging in Real Estate business. Just like in other business. Care must be taken when dealing in Real Estate business.
With this, you will be able to know which type of Real Estate business to invest on and which to avoid.

•    Classification of Real Estate professionals and how to relate with them.
•    Discover different ways of making money in Real Estate business.
•    Ten (10) ways that can be used to promote the Real Estate business for maximum gain.
•    Find out the affiliate marketing opportunities in Real Estate business.
•    Marketing strategies that will promote affiliate marketing programmes.
•    Discover the different types of Real Estate Investment you can invest on and make huge profit
•    Know the reasons for documentation in Real Estate Business.
•    Discover types of documents in Real Estate business and their uses.
•    Types of frauds in Real Estate business.
•    Causes of frauds in Real Estate Business.
•    Steps to take to limit frauds in Real Estate Business.
•    How to put a team of professionals together to make you succeed.
•    How to make money in Real Estate Business starting with nothing.
•    How to engage in Real Estate Business part time or full time.

•    The manual will reveal to you how to deal and relate with various professionals within the Real Estate Business.

•    The manual will reveal to you how to avoid and deal with various risks in Real Estate Business.
The bonus that is included in the manual are:
    Factors that will make you succeed and to make money in Real Estate Business.
    Since marketing is important and relevant to Real Estate Business, the means by which Real Estate market could be done is listed in the manual.
    Real Estate is basically networking, means and the how of Real Estate marketing is listed in the manual.
    Places where to find genuine Real Estate deals are listed in the manual.

Before you rush to the Bank to pay for the manual, I want you to put your mind at rest as I am taking the entire risk on my head. The manual comes with no question, queries and you have ninety days to go through the manual and if you genuinely believe that the manual does not worth the amount nor satisfies you, you are free to request for your money and will be handed over to you with thanks from me.
The only reason I give this solid money back guarantee is that I am sure you will not ask for refund as the manual will contribute to your up liftment in life and let you become wealthy within reasonable time in Real Estate business.
My dear reader, I want to remind you once again that you do not need a huge capital to make money in real estate business. The acquisition and application of relevant knowledge is the key to any business and this also applicable to Real Estate Business.
You may be wondering what will be the prize of the manual.
It is my intension to make it available to as many people as possible. Therefore, the prize of the manual has been heavily reduced for the reason stated above. It will not be sold at N15,000.00, N10,000.00, N7,000.00 and not even N5,000.00. N2,500.00 seems to be avoidable enough considering the contents of this life changing manual. If I were you, I will rush to the Bank to make the N2,500.00 (Introductory prize) to the Bank as the amount may go up soonest.

The Bank details are
Name of Bank:        Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
Account Number:        001 571 4023
Account Name:        Josilab Nigeria Limited

Please note the manual is limited in supply and you will receive it on first come, first serve basis. After they have been exhausted there won’t be any more available.
After payment, send the payment particulars through your phone to:  080 9582 8398.

i)    Your Full Name
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After confirmation of the payment, the e-book will be sent to you within 48hours via your e-mail. Please note that e book comes down in downloadable format. After your order has been received and confirmed, a link will be sent to your e-mail by which you can download the manual.

Dear Reader, knowledge is power, without adequate knowledge, your life may be standstill. Once, you order this manual, you will be in position to decide on which aspect of Real Estate business is best suited for you to make huge income. Without the knowledge you will acquire from this manual, you may just be wasting your time and money in search of other opportunities that are not real.

Remember also the difference between those who will end the 2014 happily and be millionaires and those who will end it in abject poverty is the ability to search for opportunities and knowledge and take actions on them.

This is one opportunity in Real Estate Business as solutions to make money in Real Estate within reasonable period can be found in this manual.