Studio Apartments – live with style, luxury and comfort

Studio apartments in India have received an enormous response from varied class of professionals looking for an affordable accommodation. A studio apartment is a small apartment which consisting living area, kitchen and bedroom into a single room. It is also known as studio flat or efficiency apartment. Studios must be arranged for sleeping, eating and dining areas; only the bathroom will be separate in it. These apartments are usually built in 300 to 550 square feet area and it has lower rents.
Why Studio Apartment Are Becoming famous now a days?

The concept has become so much popular these days in India. Such an apartment comprises of one Bed room, Pantry, toilet and living area in one large room. Today, the Indian real estate builders are focusing more on studio apartment along with other residential apartments and villas. The main concern behind building the studio apartment is the ongoing investment pattern of Indian market. Earlier people used to invest in gold primarily and property was the second option. But as the investment pattern is changing so is the living standard of Indians. Now a days everyone wants at least a comfortable home to live in at an affordable price.

How Studio Apartments attract visitors/travelers?

For the investors, studio apartment is the best option. In India, studio apartments are available at a lower price in comparison to the starred hotel tariffs. So, they are preferred for residential purpose by the corporate travelers, Emigrants and NRIs

Studio apartments generate an excellent amount of income to the owner in the form of rent, as it is a preferred residence of foreign travelers, bachelors and NRIs. As the population in metros is increasing day by day, it has boosted the residential real estate sector. Most of the people are employed in MNCs at good salaries, are willing to have an affordable accommodation at a location nearby their workplace. In such cases, studio apartments are providing a smart and sustainable housing solution with low maintenance charges. Studio apartments are ideal for nuclear families and singlehood’s as it is an affordable habitation for living in metros for 2-3 years. Not only in metros but at tourist places too, the demand for studio apartments is at hype, especially at places where travel is associated with spirituality.