Using a Buyer's Agent Saves Buyers Time and Money

There are many advantages to using a Buyers agent.

One of the most important is that the Buyer Agent is working to promote the best interests of their buyer client. They are help negotiate the best terms and conditions for the buyer. The agent who is listing a property is working for the Seller. They work to get the best terms and conditions for their seller. Although all agents must be honest and ethical at all times, why not work with an agent who is on your side?

There are no reasons!!

In addition to negotiating, your buyer agent will help locate properties, & can preview properties to save you time. Imagine how nice it would be to see homes on your schedule instead of relying on Sunday open houses for viewing. The buyer agent, after helping you determine which properties are approprite will set up appointments for viewing and accompany you. A good Buyer Agent will know what to look for in a property. They know what will pose a red flag when it comes time for an appraisal. It is wise to know what to expect before the unexpected happens.

 The Buyer Agent can also do a Comparative Market Analysis to determine the value of the home you're interested in. This can save you money!! Instead of agreeing with the listing agent's price, it is best to be armed with knowledge of what other homes that are similar in the area are selling for. They can also verify the the data such as tax information on the listing sheet is accuarate.

The Buyer Agent can help you find a reliable home inspector, and will accompany you to the inspection to see if there are any structural problems that have to be dealt with.

Your Buyer Agent will explain the legal documents and paperwork that will be involved. They work closely with the attorney to be sure the transaction is kept smooth.

One of the most important aspects of your relationship with your Buyer Agent is CONFIDENTIALITY, and undivided loyalty.

This is likely one of the largest purchases of your life. There is no reason not to have a Buyer's Agent working for you to prevent problems, or deal with issues that do crop up.